Courter's Roast


Brew Days

Saturday and Tuesday

Tasting Notes

Apricot, Sweet Cream, Honey

Franklin C. Courter

Our new Colombian coffee is quite the work of art, which is why with the name, as we’ve done with all our coffees, we’ve given a nod to the Cedar Grove area. Franklin C. Courter, Cedar Grove's preeminent artist. Courter was born in 1834. He is best known for his landscapes and Abraham Lincoln portraits. After living in Michigan and teaching at Albion College, Courter returned to Cedar Grove and lived the rest of life at 165 Little Falls Road.

Finca Las Cuevas

Finca Las Cuevas is a 3-hectare specialty coffee farm in Planadas, Colombia, owned by Robinson Olivera. Mr. Robinson comes from a family of coffee producers. Both his parents and grandparents were farmers. Because of this knowledge and connection, he purchased his farm, Las Cuevas, over 10 years ago. His farm was named Las Cuevas since there is a small cave in the middle of the farm. This cave is a symbol Mr. Robinson protects and highlights.

Producers Robison and Angelica Olivera are proud to raise their two children on Finca Las Cuevas. They originally produced corn and used to store it in the large cave the farm is named for but, after falling on love with coffee, the duo transitioned the land to coffee production and never looked back.

Colombian Coffee

One of the reasons that Colombian coffee is so highly regarded is the strict quality control measures in place throughout the entire process, from growing to harvesting to roasting. The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) oversees these processes and works to maintain the quality and consistency of Colombian coffee.

In addition to its delicious taste, Colombian coffee is also an important part of the country's economy. Coffee production is a major industry in Colombia, providing jobs and income for thousands of people.




Fully washed


1800-1900 masl

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia

In 1927, the Colombian coffee growers joined together to create an organization that would represent them nationally and internationally, work for their well-being, and improve their quality of life. Their vision is to work for the well-being of Colombian coffee growers through an effective union, democratic and representative organization.


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