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The World's Greatest Coffee Explorers Come Here

Enjoying great coffee isn't defined by a busy sidewalk or how many shops are packed into an urbanized landscape. Truly great coffee is defined by the character of farmers and their relationship to the land, the precise science applied by roasters, and the care given to preparing each cup by trained professionals.

In 2018, Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint set out to defy the odds when we opened in the quiet business district of Cedar Grove, NJ. We knew that opening a spectacular coffee shop didn't depend on a busy street, but a truly great coffee shop would create foot traffic by delivering a quality product.


Life can be delicious.
Shouldn't your coffee be too?

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Jayson Council

Photographer Jayson Council brings a thoughtful and provocative juxtaposition between the “smiles” & the “smile-nots” for February.

Valentine's Drinks

All through February, Cedar Bean’s Coffee Joint is brewing up some of that sweet, sweet #love for Valentine’s Day! ☕️
Whether you’re celebrating with your sweetheart, your Galentine crew, or treating yourself, we’ve got the perfect cup of love waiting for you. ❤️

Shop Local

We have plenty of cool designs and items in-house. If you don't see a particular design in the shop, take a look at our huge selection of "made-to-order-and-ship" to your house at Redbubble.


Best in New Jersey

 Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint was listed with 43 coffee shops and cafes that spanned the entire state of New Jersey in an article titled "The 43 best coffee shops in New Jersey." Thank you to the editors for including us in this prestigious list.


Pikachu Appearance

Pikachu will be here on Saturday, February 24th at 11am. Come by and take a picture with Pika and grab some fun Pokemon cookies from Sally's Sweet Shop!

Upcoming Events

Winter is here - and that means it's coffee weather! Join us at the Joint throughout the winter for plenty of family-friendly fun. From art gallery openings every month, to wholly independent and original music by local favorites, we've even got outdoor seating for cool evenings and plenty of comfy seating inside for an afternoon of working or chatting with friends.

It's always better at the Bean. 

Featured Image

The Creamy Conundrum: Latte Love vs. Black Coffee’s Health Boost

Ah, the latte and cappuccino: their velvety smooth texture, the sweet embrace of steamed milk, the delightful foam art atop – a true sensory experience. But for health-conscious coffee lovers and Ol' Cedar Bean …
By admin
February 7, 2024

Winter is coming

Don't forget to try our fun seasonal drinks!


Cool Down with Something sweet.

Don't forget to try our fun iced drinks!



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