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Enjoying great coffee isn't defined by a busy sidewalk or how many shops are packed into an urbanized landscape. Truly great coffee is defined by the character of farmers and their relationship to the land, the precise science applied by roasters, and the care given to preparing each cup by trained professionals.

In 2018, Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint set out to defy the odds when we opened in the quiet business district of Cedar Grove, NJ. We knew that opening a spectacular coffee shop didn't depend on a busy street, but a truly great coffee shop would create foot traffic by delivering a quality product.


Life can be delicious.
Shouldn't your coffee be too?

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Upcoming Events

Fall is coming - and that means it's coffee weather! Join us at the Joint throughout the autumn for plenty of family-friendly fun. From art gallery openings every month, to a special local horror movie premiere in October, to wholly independent and original music by local favorites, we've got outdoor seating for cool autumn evenings and plenty of comfy seating inside for an afternoon of working or chatting with friends.

It's always better at the Bean. 

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Gift Cards

Grab one for your new teacher, family, or friend, or show your best "corporate coffee connoisseur" where to find the spectacular stuff on Pompton Ave! Want to send one from afar? Click here!


Brew of the Month

Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint has the largest selection of Athletic NA ('Non-Alcoholic") brews in the area. This month, we have "Ripe Pursuit" - A supremely refreshing twist on a traditional, light-wheat classic. Smooth, sweet and tart..



Donna Rusiniak

Donna Rusiniak is our September artist. An Acrylic Painter from Northern NJ, she received her B.A. in Art Studio and has taught art to high school students with special needs for 28 years.



Our summer shirts are selling out. If you don't see a particular design in the shop, take a look at our huge selection, made-to-order-and-ship to your house at Redbubble.


Road Ready!

Take some of Cedar Bean's spectacular flash-chilled coffee and homemade iced teas on the road with you this fall in our super cool, see-thru pouch containers - perfect for the cooler, and chillin' with friends and family.


Find us on Waze

Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint is smack dab in the middle of downtown Cedar Grove, NJ. With plenty of free parking and a short distance from the local trails, what are you waiting for?

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Cedar Bean’s Coffee Joint Offers Much More than Coffee

By Jackie Schatell | Suburban Essex Magazine | When Dave Fletcher, owner of Cedar Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint set out to open his shop in 2018, he had a few things in mind – …
By admin
June 26, 2023

Fall is nearly here...

Don't forget to try our fun seasonal drinks!


Cool Down with Something sweet.

Don't forget to try our fun iced drinks!



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