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Huila, Colombia

Brew Days

Saturday and Tuesday

Tasting Notes

Sweet Apple, Milk Chocolate

About Huila

The Huila region is one of the most well-known coffee-growing areas of Colombia. The Department of Huila has a population of 1.125 million and is located in the southwest of the country. The capital of the department is Neiva, a city of about 380,000.  

Along with Cauca and Nariño, Huila is one of the three departments where the Colombian Massif is located. A massif is a group of mountain ranges, and the Colombian Massif, which is known locally as Nudo de Almaguer, provides up to 70% of safe drinking and agricultural water for the Colombian population. 

The Magdalena River, Colombia’s largest river, runs through the region, providing plenty of water for coffee farming and generating (directly and indirectly) up to 86% of Colombia's GDP. The mountain range also features the fertile volcanic soil so typical to the Andean Mountains. 

Santa Maria

Huila is one of the Southernmost parts of Colombia and produces vibrant, rich coffees that are exciting to drink and also very approachable.

This coffee is produced by smallholders in Santa Maria, Huila. Their farms are located near Nevado del Huila National Park, a park with an active volcano whose eruptions have deposited nutrient-rich soil in the surrounding area.

Colombian Coffee

One of the reasons that Colombian coffee is so highly regarded is the strict quality control measures in place throughout the entire process, from growing to harvesting to roasting. The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) oversees these processes and works to maintain the quality and consistency of Colombian coffee.

In addition to its delicious taste, Colombian coffee is also an important part of the country's economy. Coffee production is a major industry in Colombia, providing jobs and income for thousands of people.


Caturra, Castillo


Fully washed


1500-1600 masl

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia

In 1927, the Colombian coffee growers joined together to create an organization that would represent them nationally and internationally, work for their well-being, and improve their quality of life. Their vision is to work for the well-being of Colombian coffee growers through an effective union, democratic and representative organization.

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