May Artist Feature – Robert Longo

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May 1, 2024
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Robert Longo, the visionary behind 2121 Productions, is a multifaceted artist, filmmaker, director, and writer whose journey was ignited by a pivotal childhood experience with Star Wars. It all began when Robert, at the age of six, first encountered the cosmic saga of Star Wars: A New Hope at Cinema 23 in Cedar Grove. This cinematic odyssey had an indelible impact, leading him to view the film an astonishing 42 times in theaters and even be featured in Newsweek magazine.

The magic of Star Wars not only captured Robert’s imagination but also steered him towards a creative path in filmmaking. As he grew older, his passion for storytelling and artistic expression blossomed into a full-fledged career. However, his fascination with Star Wars didn’t end with mere fandom; it evolved into a profound artistic exploration and commentary on the nature of conflict.

Enter "Keep the Wars in the Stars," an innovative art exhibit that represents Robert Longo’s unique amalgamation of Star Wars and his fervent anti-war stance. This exhibit is not merely a showcase of movie replicas but an artistic endeavor that merges 3D printing with traditional prop-making techniques. The result? Artistic objects that transcend mere accuracy, becoming conversation pieces that provoke thought and discussion.

Robert’s creations, while not aiming for movie-perfect replication, embody a deeper purpose—to evoke emotions and reflections on the conflicts within our own galaxy. Each piece is deliberately imperfect, because for Robert, art is about sparking dialogue and challenging perspectives, rather than achieving flawless imitation.

Moreover, purchasing one of Robert Longo's pieces supports a meaningful cause, further aligning with his commitment to making a positive impact through art. With "Keep the Wars in the Stars," Robert invites viewers to reconsider the allure of fictional battles and reflect on the profound implications of real-world conflicts. Through his unique lens, Star Wars becomes a gateway into deeper explorations of humanity, war, and the limitless potential of artistic expression.


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