Cedar Bean’s Owner, Dave Fletcher is a featured guest on The Rob Ghoulie Cheeky Horror Variety Show

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November 14, 2023
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Season 1 Episode 4 of The Rob Ghoulie Cheeky Horror Variety Show, featuring your host Rob Ghoulie.

The Rob Ghoulie Cheeky Horror Variety Show is in the spirit of Joe Briggs's The Last Drive-In, Elvira Movie Macabre, a little Ed Wood sensibilities, and a great respect for the horror genre as a whole from independent filmmakers to Blumhouse Productions.

The ghoulish fiend of horror Rob Ghoulie interviews David Fletcher owner, and operator of Cedar Bean's a Coffee Joint, and horror graphic designer extraordinaire. David tells us all about coffee and the art scholarship he has begun. This episode was not sponsored by Cedar Bean's (we wish) but with all the love and support Dave has given us it sure feels like he sponsors all artists and creative types even this ole ghoul. Why don't you show your love and support and drop in for a Green Ooze Latte? And if you want to sponsor a video feel free to reach out with a hand, claw, or tentacle.


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